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The Project

Summer is coming, and as there are many who can’t wear topless outside, because they aren’t allowed to show their ‘female read’ breasts in public, there might be a serious situation of injustice or even patriarchy going on. Because if there might be a certain someone who feels intimidated by the presence of bare breasts, he or she can call the police and you then might have an officer tell you to put a shirt on, for everyone’s sake. We – Nadia Ihjeij and Britta Wagner, the inventors of ooh!-Couture – want to change this predicament, but as we don’t know any lawyers and do not want to wait any longer, we try to make the best out of this unfortunate situation by inventing a trend:

OOH!-Couture is a call to everyone who’s wishing to free their breasts in the summertime or whenever they feel like it, because no body should be sexualised, when the owner does not consent to it!

Be Part!

It is as easy as it can get: Take a shirt out of your cupboard, cut two holes in the size of your breasts into it and let them hang loose! Wear them outside or if you feel shy, take a photo of them, upload it to our boobie-gallery and let them meet other boobies and say hello to the world!

The boobie-gallery is completely anonymous: You take a picture of your personal ooh!-design but without your head on it, so no one can identify you (except they know your breasts very well!) and you don’t have to fear getting recognized.

  1. Cut out two circles in the size of your boobs.
  2. Feel Free!
  3. Upload your Photo!

About Us

Nadia Ihjeij (Performance artist) and Britta Wagner (Graphic Designer) met each other in Metropole Ruhr in Germany, where they both come from. They are working together in several projects and as their creative spirits work so great together, everything they touch keeps turning to gold.